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T for Tax planning

If you knew you could deduct more of your expenses and save more tax-free, you would, right? Well, for 2006, you can -- if you get started now. Tax Planning is taking a proactive stance on one's income, investments, and other taxable and tax-deductible items. We provide you with professional advice and teach you how to reduce taxes for tax savings. Often, our clients' tax savings are greater than the annual retainer. It is suggested that you work with a tax advisor to prepare tax plan for short term and years to come to take full advantage of possibilities to reduce your tax liability.

Many of your yearly expenses can be used to decrease your taxes: moving expenses, alimony, education and medical expenses, IRA contributions, mortgage interest, property taxes, charitable contributions and donations, vehicle registration, tax preparation expenses and many, many, many others you would never expect until you decide to find the right tax advisor to guide you through this tax jungle. While it is impossible for individuals to avoid taxes with most investment, it is often possible to defer taxes. Deferring taxes over long periods of time can result in substantial gains. The impact of taxes on investment portfolio can be significantly reduced through the use of tax-deferred investment vehicles. Example include: individual retirement accounts (IRAs), company-sponsored 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans, Keogh plans and tax deferred annuities.

There is many tax saving techniques you can take advantage of: annuities, income splitting with children/aged parents, individual retirement account, low income housing investments, municipal bonds, owning a home, universal and variable life insurance and US government EE bonds. They can make your money will work more for you than for government. You do not need to spend late evenings with tax manuals and studying new tax regulations while We are here to help and guide you through that endlessly-growing tax jungle.

Tax planning is a year-round game. Start now.

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